Can you buy crypto with ANZ Bank in Australia? (2021)

Summary: The easiest and cheapest way to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with an ANZ Bank account is through the CoinSpot exchange. They offer instant and free AUD deposits for ANZ Bank holders.

James Glennon
October 27, 2021
ANZ Crypto

Can I buy Crypto with ANZ?

For Australian or New Zealand investors looking to buy Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies using their ANZ Share Investing app, or through ANZ Bank directly, you are out of luck.

ANZ Bank does not yet offer support for Bitcoin and other crypto assets on any of their financial applications.

However, you can easily buy cryptocurrency using your ANZ Bank account with a registered crypto exchange in Australia.

How to buy Crypto with an ANZ Bank Account

As a customer of ANZ Bank, there are many great cryptocurrency exchanges you can sign up with and start investing with low fees.

We recommend CoinSpot because they are Australia's largest and most trusted exchange. They also offer instant and low fee Australian Dollar (AUD) deposits for ANZ Bank account holders.

Below is a simple guide to buy crypto with your ANZ Bank account

  1. Sign up to CoinSpot
  2. Complete your KYC and the verification process
  3. Visit the 'Deposit AUD' screen and select your desired payment method
  4. Deposit the amount of AUD you wish to invest
  5. Input the dollar amount you want to purchase and click 'Buy' for any crypto

ANZ Cryptocurrency Policy

Despite the ANZ Share Investing platform not offering cryptocurrencies, ANZ Bank does have a very positive stance on cryptocurrency. They allow their customers to freely deposit and withdraw from trusted and regulated cryptocurrency exchanges like CoinSpot.

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