Cointree Review: Is it Safe to Use? 

Summary: Cointree is one of the longest running cryptocurrency exchange trading platforms in Australia. Founded in 2013, they have grown to become a trusted and reputable brand amongst the myriad different digital asset trading platforms.

James Glennon
September 25, 2021
Cointree Exchange

Cointree Review

Cointree is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia having been founded in 2013 as a Bitcoin-only exchange. Since then, their platform has grown to offer over 160 digital assets through their easy-to-use crypto trading platform.

The Cointree exchange is used by over 80,000 Australians and has traded over $100 million in cryptocurrency transactions since its inception.

Cointree Fees

Cointree fees range between 0.5% to 0.9% of your crypto transactions for their instant buy and sell coin service. Coin to coin trade charges are lower, ranging from 0.05% for Diamond tiers to 0.25% for the Bronze tier. Higher tiers pay lower trading fees, so trade more volumes to attain Cointree’s Platinum or Diamond status. 

You would need to trade AUD 1 million in 30 days to unlock the highest level (Diamond) and the exchange’s lowest fee of 0.5% per transaction. For this reason, new traders start with the Bronze tier’s 0.9% fee on crypto transactions. High transaction volumes earn more referral commissions and have higher referral quotas as well.

The table below provides a high-level overview of Cointree's Account Tiers.

Tiers Benefits Unlocked by
Buy/Sell Coin Coin-to-Coin Trades Referral Commission Trade Volume (AUD) Referrals
# Bronze 0.9% 0.25% 30%
# Silver 0.8% 0.2% 40% $10,000 2
# Gold 0.7% 0.15% 50% $50,000 10
# Platinum 0.6% 0.1% 60% $200,000 25
# Diamond 0.5% 0.05% 70% $1,000,000 50

Is Cointree Safe?

Cointree is licensed by AUSTRAC. To this end, its operations are governed as per Australian laws. AUSTRAC has rigid anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. 

Cointree has also always been known for their commitment to security and customer data protection .To protect user data, its website runs on SSL. Its accounts have two-factor authentication and all user wallets and personal information are encrypted.

Cointree passwords and private wallet keys are not only encrypted but "salted" to keep them safe from brute force attacks. Add to this security measures such as a hot/cold wallet system, secure server, and closed network environments, and continuous security training and reviews and you have a solid exchange that users can trust.

Deposit Methods

You can deposit funds to your Cointree account via PayID, POLi, bank transfer, or make a cash deposit. The lowest amount that you can deposit to your account is $20. 

Cash and PayID deposits are instant, but POLi Payments and electronic bank transfers take one to two days to reflect on your account. Other exchanges like CoinSpot or SwyftX have a greater variety of deposit methods like Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

Cointree SMSF

Cointree also offers the fastest Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) onboarding for crypto assets in Australia. Their platform lets you deposit Australian Dollars directly from your SMSF account to use their exchange and leverage the assets. Cointree also offer great reporting tools to assist SMSF holders with auditing and other tax obligations.

Cointree Wallet

Cointree provides a secure managed wallet for over 160 different cryptocurrencies for customers to safely hold their funds. Users can also transfer cryptocurrencies from other exchanges into their Cointree wallet for safe storage.

Instant Buy and Sell Trading

The Cointree digital asset exchange has one of the easiest user interfaces for even absolute beginners to use. Once you have deposited Australian Dollars, you can select any digital asset you want to purchase, input the amount in AUD, click buy and you're done.

Their team has been thoughtful in removing all of the unnecessary complexities of other 'modern digital asset exchanges' by executing on a clean and simple user experience.

Cointree BillPay

Cointree has partnered with bill payment company Gobbill to support bills payments using any of the exchange’s supported currencies. This means that you do not have to sell your Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto to AUD to pay your bills anymore!

Key Drawbacks

  • Cointree does not offer advanced trading features for the active trader. For this reason, large-volume traders may encounter risks such as slippage when they place their orders on Cointree. That said, Cointree that its OTC trading desk has access to off-market liquidity pools for institutional investors.
  • Cointree does not have a mobile app. 
  • Cointree KYC and the verification process may take some time.


New cryptocurrency investors will love Cointree. It is easy to use, and you can make your crypto purchases using your Australian dollar. There is no need to waste time and fees converting your AUD to USD before trading. Their fees are fairly competitive, and their SMSF feature will help you enlarge your crypto portfolio over time.

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