Digital Surge Review - Australia (2021)

Summary: Digital Surge is Australia's cheapest cryptocurrency instant buying and selling platform at 0.5% per trade. For comparison, CoinSpot charges 1% and SwyftX charges 0.6%

James Glennon
September 20, 2021
Digital Surge

Digital Surge Review

Cryptocurrency investment in Australia is no longer a young millennials' affair. Data shows that older Aussies have embraced digital currencies as legitimate investment assets. At least one in four Aussie traders is 44 years and above. 

On top of this, cryptocurrency exchanges are reporting a rising interest in crypto investments among investors aged 60 and above. 43% of new investors cite ease of trading via cryptocurrency exchange platforms as the top reason they have taken a stake in blockchain assets. 

Digital Surge is an excellent example of a cryptocurrency exchange that is making the once uber technical crypto purchase process seamless and intuitive. It is an Australian digital currency exchange whose focus is the user-friendliness of its platform and investor education. 

Additionally, Digital Surge is low cost, offers personalized support and gives new crypto investors an all-rounded trading experience.

Founders and Background

Digital Surge is based in Brisbane. Joshua Lehman and Dan Rutter, two crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, launched it in 2017. The duo has a decade-plus experience in the financial technology sector. 

Rutter and Lehman have over time moulded Digital Surge into a community-focused platform, integrating into its process high levels of trust and transparency. Besides that, they have gone out of their way to enhance crypto investing amongst potential investors by supporting crypto awareness community events. 

Digital Surge Trading

Digital Surge has 200+ cryptocurrencies on offer for trade and you can make your purchases in AUD. The Digital Surge Buy & Sell service is the cryptocurrency investor's gateway to the wide, exciting, and potentially highly rewarding crypto sector. Their Buy & Sell platform is beautifully designed. 

Use its dashboard to view your portfolio and its performance at a glance. Monitor your asset's price movements using their Watchlist feature, then use the Top Gainers feature when making your purchase decisions. The Digital Surge Buy & Sell platform prices assets in AUD and you can trade in multiple pairs as well.

Digital Surge Fees

Digital Surge has an attractively low fee structure. They levy a 0.5% fee on instant buy & sell orders. Normal trading fees range between 0.1% to 0.5% as per your 30-day trading volume. Volumes in the 1 million AUD range have a 0.1% minimum charge. Trading volumes lower than 100,000 AUD will incur a 0.5% fee.

Digital Surge does not charge withdrawal fees on AUD transactions. Your crypto withdrawals, on the other hand, could incur a network fee, should you choose to move them to your wallet. 

Additionally, Digital Surge does not charge fees on deposits. That said, your POLi deposits could incur a $2 to $3.30 charge.

Digital Surge Wallet

Digital Surge has a personal wallet feature that makes the new buyer’s crypto purchases process effortless. Deposit your AUD into your Digital Surge wallet and withdraw it whenever you wish to. Your wallet will store your cryptocurrencies, making short-term trades quicker and easier. 

Their wallet service has robust multi-layered security features and Two-Factor authentication log-in processes. On top of this, there is an automated offline cold storage facility for enhanced safety.

Pay your Bills with Crypto

Want to pay your tax, insurance, phone, gas or electricity bill using your BTC? Use Digital Surge's 'Pay your bills' feature to settle your Australian bills using a BPAY biller code. Digital Surge runs this service internally, lowering the crypto payments friction that third-party payments platforms can create.

Is Digital Surge Safe?

This cryptocurrency exchange is legit, as it has an AUSTRAC registration. AUSTRAC is a robust regulatory body that helps protect investors from fraud and other forms of crime prevalent in the crypto industry. As per the law, all AUSTRAC registered firms must perform KYC and AML processes. They also must identify and report any criminal activity to the authority.

Digital Surge has an excellent crypto exchange reputation and has not been hacked in its years of trade. Its accounts are 2FA protected while its wallet has a cold storage option. 

Digital Surge has server encryption security policies to ward off any data breaches and its management goes the extra mile and runs employee criminal background checks. 

Customer Support

Digital Surge has a 4.79 rating on after 258 reviews. Its reviewers are satisfied with its live chat and email support service. You will have support working on your query in under an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Digital Surge phone app?

No. That said, Digital Surge's website has a Progressive Web App (PWA) architecture that has an app-like presentation on mobile gadgets.

Is there a Digital Surge referral program?

Yes, there is one. Invite a friend over and earn 50% of the fees that they pay during their trades.

Are investor funds insured?

No. They make no mention of this on their website.

How do I add funds to my Digital Surge wallet?

Use PayID for real-time deposits. PayID provides a unique secret transactions email address. Keep it under wraps for safe deposits. Alternatively, use Bank and POLi transfers work as well, but they are slower.

How do I withdraw funds from my Digital Surge wallet?

Use PayID or NPP/Osko options.

Does Digital Surge offer SMSFs?

Yes, Digital Surge supports Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF). Open an account and use their super fund investment features for long-term investing opportunities.

Final Verdict

Digital Surge offers an easy and rich trading experience for new users. Its charges are cost-effective and its customer support, excellent. If you are a beginner dipping your toes in crypto trading, you will love Digital Surge. 

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