How to buy Safemoon in Australia 2021

Summary: As at this date, there are no cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia that currently support users to buy and sell Safemoon crypto. This ultimately means that Safemoon investors in Australia must use an alternative exchange, or decentralized exchange to buy the SAFEMOON token.

James Glennon
13 September, 2021
Buy Safemoon Australia

How to buy Safemoon in Australia

To buy Safemoon in Australia, you must firstly purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether from a local Australian exchange. We recommend CoinSpot as the best exchange in Australia to get started.

Below is a simple guide to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether to send to another exchange from CoinSpot.

  1. Sign up to CoinSpot
  2. Complete your verification and onboarding
  3. Deposit AUD from your bank account via any deposit method
  4. Click the 'Buy' page and select Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether
  5. Input the dollar amount you want to purchase and click 'Buy'!

Once you have completed this step, you must now create an account at an international exchange that offers Safemoon like

When you complete your sign up to - you must withdraw your Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether from your CoinSpot Address to your address.

From that point - you can visit the buy Safemoon page and complete your investment.

What is Safemoon Crypto?

Safemoon claims to be a fairly launched and decentralized protocol that enables investors to earn passive rewards.

SAFEMOON allows investors to earn interest by charging a 10% fee every time someone trades SAFEMOON tokens. This fee then gets distributed to investors who have held the token, thereby paying out a dividend in real time.

According to the documentation found on Safemoon's website, half of the 10% sale gets distributed to SAFEMOON token holders.

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