Top 3 OTC Crypto Exchanges in Australia (2021)

Summary: The award for best Crypto OTC Desk in Australia goes to Independent Reserve. They are widely regarded to be Australia's premier trading desk for high-net worths and institutional investors.

James Glennon
September 21, 2021

What is OTC Trading Crypto?

OTC Trading in Crypto refers to cryptocurrency trading that takes place in a private market and off public exchanges. This is a service tailored for high-net worths or institutional investors that are looking to execute large orders that might cause slippage on open markets.

OTC Trading Desks typically also provide end-to-end and white glove service to assist you with your trade execution and settlement.

What are the Main Benefits of OTC Trading?

There are a variety of different reasons why OTC trading may be the best way for a client to gain exposure to digital assets. Below is a high-level summary of they key benefits.

  1. Execute large orders (over AU$100,000) with no slippage, resulting in a better average purchase price.
  2. Remove the stress of executing large trades by leveraging a professional team to assist in getting you the best deal.
  3. Quickly buy or sell large amounts of any cryptocurrency without having to worry about liquidity.
  4. Trade privately and hide your order from the public market.

Is Crypto OTC Legal?

Trading digital assets through an over-the-counter trading desk is completely legal in Australia. There are over 100 licensed digital asset service providers in Australia who offer secure and trusted escrow services to execute OTC crypto trades.

Best Crypto OTC Desk in Australia

The best Crypto OTC Desk in Australia is Independent Reserve. They are a multi-award winning OTC Trading Desk tailor made for SMSFs, Institutional Investors and other high-net worth investors.

Independent Reserve OTC offers a diverse suite of services that includes:

  • Same day settlements on orders in AUD, USD, NZD or SGD.
  • Deep liquidity with the ability to execute up to $10 million on the same day.
  • White glove service that provides end-to-end assistance all the way through to settlement.
  • A diverse range of crypto assets that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Polygon, AAVE and many others.


Despite there being over 100 licensed cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia, finding a reputable and low cost OTC Desk can be difficult. Many Crypto OTC Exchanges advertise low fees, but charge clients with hidden costs such as wide spreads.

With that said, It is important to do your research or use a trusted brand like Independent Reserve if you are looking to execute large orders safely and efficiently.

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